Queen Maxima’s mind blowing blue dress

Yesterday the Dutch celebrated the inauguration of their new King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima (Please note her title is unofficial and is not laid down in a law). As mentioned before one of my questions were what she would be wearing that day. In the morning when former Queen Beatrix handed the thrown over to her son, Maxima wore a dress of the Belgian brand Natan, designed by the owner Edouard Vermeulen.


Maxima wearing a dress from the Belgian brand Natan, designed by Edouard Vermeulen. Here she is waving to the public with her husband King Willem-Alexander and their three daughters. (Source photo: Grazia.nl)

During the oath in the church, Maxima made her entrance with a completely different dress. Not just a dress, no it was mind blowing and maybe the best dress she ever wore in her entire life. The royal blue dress is designed by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau (http://www.jantaminiau.com/) Check out this picture and judge for yourself.


In the evening Queen Maxima wore another gorgeous ruby colored design also by Jan Taminiau.


For me personally the blue dress is the most outstanding of the three. It makes her look so incredibly royal she almost seems untouchable and she looks so powerful in it. Which dress do you think is the best? Let me know in the comment box below.