Hottest hair trend 2013 ‘The Ombre effect’

One of the hottest hair trends for this spring/summer is the Ombre hair effect. Litterally ‘ombre’ means shadow. It is a coloring effect in which the bottom portion of your hair looks lighter than the top portion. This creates a shadow and if it’s done well it gives you this amazing fresh summer look.

There are different ways to ombre your hair. Some ombre looks mimic the effect of dark roots showing through a light hair dye, while others take a more purposeful approach by simply dyeing the tips of the hair in a lighter shade.

You can make the contrast as strong as you want. To avoid the panther effect I personally prefer a more subtle look. I looked up some examples of celebs that did the ombre look. Some are subtle, others wear ombre looks that are too strong in my opinion. Have a look and see for yourself which look you like.

Kloe Kardashian ombre look

Kloe Kardashian has a very subtle ombre look. Totally love it!

Jessy J pink ombre

If you want a more bold look you could color the ends of your hair pink like Jessy J

Jessy J ombre

This is the panther effect I was talking about. Personally I think this look is too strong although I do think it suits Jessy J perfectly

If you want to get the ombre effect done properly I advise you let a hair specialist do the job. But of course the cheapest solution would be to do it yourself. Therefore I looked up a nice tutorial video that explains how to do it. Enjoy! And let me know in the comment box below how it worked out for you!