Kim and Kris finally finalized their divorce



After numerous battles word is out that Kim Kardashian and her way too tall ex Kris Humphries have finalized their divorce. According to celebrity website, Kris was seeking $7 million, an annulment and attorney fees because he felt that Kim was just abusing him to get higher ranks on her show: Keeping up with the Kardashians. Sadly for Kris he won’t get a penny. According to his attorney Debra Opri, Kris was in “a very emotional state” when the divorce was filed after 72 days.  Common, get a grip Kris! Now this is all behind us we can hopefully move on with our lives and maybe wait for the next divorce drama?! (Kris & Jenner??) Oh well, we’ll see!

I’d love to hear what you guys out there think. Should he of should he have not gotten the 7 million? You can give your opinion through the poll below or leave a comment in the comment box.


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